Hostgator Coupons April 2014 – 25% saving – Updated Code

Get your Web Hosting requirements at reduced cost with our verified official April Coupon Codes. HostGator has been a prefered host provider since 2002 and today they host over 9 million domains. Below are the new host coupons, applying these codes will reduce your overall hosting price package plan. A popular choice is the TAKE25HOME on the shared Baby Plan. Here you can host multiple domains so you never ever need another host plan. When using this code receive 25% off and if you choose a longer hosting period the benefits and savings are huge. Apply and Redeem your coupon now!

Official HostGator Coupon Code-April 2014


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TESTDRIVEME   →     9.95 OFF or get one month hosting for just 1 penny!

TAKE25HOME   →     25% OFF your invoice on any Host Plan, Wonderful!


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About the Magic April coupon code

We are affiliated with HostGator the award winning Host company. Coupons were created as a way off reducing host cost and services. Clients benefit huge saving with the coupons when purchasing longer host periods for up to 3 years. All our coupon codes have been verified and tested to be working 100%. HostGator offers a  45 day money back Guarantee so you are always in control of your Host services. The most impressive cost saving feature is the world famous ONE Cent ONE month super plan  ” TESTDRIVEME ” .Suitable for a quick test run for only a penny. So go on, use the magic April coupon saver code and qualify for your discount now.

Company History

HostGator has been a host provider as early as 2002, founded by an 18year old Brent Oxley. Being a student at Florida Atlantic his passion to be an entrepreneur sparked the conception off a Host provider from his Dome room. Amazingly that by 2006 Brent had accumulated over 200,000 registered Domains. Today this Web Host serves over 9 000 000 Domains that is pretty impressive yes…… Keep Reading

Web Host Explained

All well and good reading all this terminology and not having a clue what we are talking about. This tutorial will ease the tension of the internet” New folks/newbie’s”, hopefully this will explain the commonly used terms relating to Internet or hosting references. Think of the Internet, web host, host plans as Real estate. Buying land, registering deeds/title, plans, and building and finally advertising to make money from your investment. Remember everyone started somewhere but what’s more important is that they made that decision to take that step into becoming a property owner. Register your domain, copy a coupon code, choose a plan and design your website and let the world admire your offerings….Keep Reading

Hosting Packages unfolded

Firstly a web site needs a domain; Hostgator will register a new domain or transfer your own Domains from other hosts. They have well structured host plans with great flexibility, improvement and scalability. No other hosting company offers such a choice of options as does Hostgator. The hosting plan caters for the small individual with a single page business card to massive complex e-commerce websites requiring a solid backbone to bring their webpages to the world. So even if you a simple Simon or James Deen, HostGator has a suitable plan for your demands and host needs. …….. Keep reading

HostGator Features and Benefits

A host is a host is a host, not really. A host is only as good as its offerings and the strength to back it up. HostGator is a serious contender in the world of hosting. Today there are numerous hosts claiming to be the best at what they do but they need to put their money where their mouths are. Most have picture perfect hosting plans that just suck or upsells that vacuum your wallet or just cheap hosting to get you through the door and renew cost that cost an arm and a leg. Business they call it. That’s right it’s all about the money. A web Host is like a bank, you would not jeopardize your hard earned cash with an unstable financial institute now would you. so why would you place your internet investment with the wrong hosting company. Have peace of mind choose HostGator……. Keep Reading

Partner with HostGator and Succeed

When having to start a Web Host company the first requirement is to find a suitable reseller host provider. It is off utmost importance that you make the right choice. You as a reseller, will be responsible for maintaining support for your clients. There is no better way to take your fist step than having a partner that will always put you first. Reselling HostGator host services is a walk in the park, they have taken all the spadework out of the equation and devised a system that’s not only simple but one that works and works great.

Reseller host plan unveiled and exposed

Firstly, packages have rock bottom prices so your profit margins are larger. What can be better than taking home a large slice of the pie while HostGator does the work. With the coupon code savings reseller hosting is super affordable and reliable. Claim your discount now and help others achieve their dreams online

Secondly, the support and tools are second to none. This host has mastered the art of reselling and have systems in place that make the reseller package “the must have money making host plan”.

Thirdly, hostgator gives you the opportunity to brand and advertise as if it is your very own host company. Your features, prices, packages and host plans to suit your Brand. Your name and hostgator’s backbone, how strong is that.

Host plans vary according to personal requirements and have the ability to be scaled up or down depending on your client base. The more lucrative your host plan and prices are and the more appealing it is to people the more clients you will have knocking at your door. All Reseller host plans have unlimited Domains so you can sell as much as you wish. The only restriction is the particular host package you choose where bandwidth and disk space determine price. Once again flexibility and up scalability is always a benefit with this host provider.

Within the Reseller Administration

After you choose your package and sign up you will be given access to your very own reseller control panel ( Web Host Manager ) or WHM, This panel  is totally brandable with your company’s information. Within WHM you allocated your host clients their very own cPanel so they can create and adjust their own webpage’s/websites. This panel gives the client control over e-mail, passwords, domains and other administrative features. It requires no assistance or support from the host reseller and should you require assistance the world award winning support service of the hosting giant is at your disposal.

HostGator Reseller options and features

Once you have a reseller host plan you are entitled to the “The Web Hosting Book” in PDF format and with a value of $47 you get it free to download. This host guide covers all aspects of maintaining your own successful web host business. Getting and maintaining your first 1000 clients in web hosting will be a walkover. There is a huge collection of tutorials and videos online to assist you in your web host journey. You got over 400 host brandable video tutorials for your clients as well as 4500 website templates for their own use. Unlimited e-mail features and a 45 day money back guarantee.

This reseller host package has super options and is perfect for anyone wanting to start a web host company without the burden of infrastructure, equipment, staff, fixtures and fittings. Just register and setup and you can be your own boss from day one and own a web host company.

HostGator Roundup

It would be a shame to be disappointed by a host company, downtime, property relocation, double costs, lost page ranking, and just a waste of time. You want your website to be seen as fast as possible and as often as required throughout the world. Do not fall short with your choice, make the right choice and choose Hostgator so copy your coupon code now for April 2014 and have peace of mind. It’s the right thing to do.